Intro to Mindfulness & Mindful eating

Intention: Cultivate Authentic & Wise View

Description: Discover the basics of mindfulness and how simple awareness can transform your relationship to food and eating.

Key Takeaways

  1. An easy understanding of mindfulness and how it relates to eating
  2. A simple meditation you can do to deepen your awareness 
  3. Defining mindful eating for yourself to help you can connect to it in a deeper, more personal way

What You Will Discover In This Module

  • Learn what mindfulness & mindful eating mean in general.explore this personally in an activity
  • Explore this personally in an activity called: The Thought Compass.
  • Engage in a 5 minute meditation. We will provide handouts from the book, as well as a recording. Please see the Additional Resources  section for this.

Core Concepts of Mindful Eating

  • Read the Introduction, pages 6-11
  • Read Chapter 1, pages 12-25

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