We provide solutions so you can

  • Help clients experience five key feelings - belonging, ease, feeling seen and heard, nonjudgment, and support to discover and engage in wholesome self-care!
  • Feel confident using mindful eating to decrease internalized weight bias for people with or at risk of diabetes. 
  • Strengthen your nonjudgmental teaching counseling skills that help clients focus on balance. These include the Four Factors of Diabetes, mindful eating, and motivational interviewing.
  • Promote your services by helping patients, and potential referrers know about four critical times when clients should talk with you.

The February monthly event is

What Mindfulness Isn’t: Separating mindful eating from diet culture.

This virtual program is happening on
February 28 from 12-1 Eastern Time

The Future of Diabetes
Is Inclusive

Inclusive Diabetes Care provides four essential tools because

  1. You need to communicate the complexity of inclusive diabetes care to your clients in an authentic and relatable way. 
  2. You need a patient-centered way to address internalized weight bias and oppression without reinforcing them. 
  3. You need a way to teach diabetes without glorifying extreme diets and privileged lifestyle options. 
  4. You need a way to increase your referrals that doesn’t reinforce dieting or glorify unsustainable lifestyle changes. 

Healthcare Needs Support
Unpacking Weight-Centric Diabetes Care

  • Diabetes Care and Education Specialists trying to understand medications and the standards of care.
  • Dietitians & Nutritionist looking to address internalized bias
  • Health and Fitness professionals who want to help clients focus on behaviors.
  • Health Coaches who are looking to deepen their motivational interviewing skills.
  • Community Health Workers who are craving new ways to talk about diabetes.
  • Weight Inclusive Healthcare Companies that are helping people with or at risk of diabetes.
  • Organizations that want to understand all forms of oppression in diabetes care.
  • Universities looking to update their training program to include nonjudgmental counseling
  • Companies that are interested in untangling weight from health.

Inclusive Diabetes Care can help

Affordable Options Include Monthly Sessions or Membership

You can join any of our monthly training programs for $24.99 or become a member for $249 annually. Our 1-hour programs provide 1 CPE from the Commission of Dietetic Registration, CDR.

What people are saying about Inclusive Diabetes Care Training

Inclusive Diabetes Care training provides more than information; it builds community and nourishes our human potential while creating future DEI leaders.  

  • “I recognize the importance of patients being seen and heard as a vital part of their healthcare."
  • "... healthcare, in general, has a lot of white fragility and is stuck in weight-centric ways."
  • " This group is super helpful in providing language, understanding, and insight that can be applied in healthcare. "
  • “The coaching calls are resonating and encouraging me to keep moving forward.”
  • “The platform is a great space.”

For the diabetes industry, Inclusive Diabetes Care creates vision, insight, and the language of inclusion. Your company and departments will thrive because the IDC monthly training gives you the information you need to provide Inclusive Care!

Land acknowledgment

We acknowledge the land and the people: This company is housed on N’dakinna, which is the traditional ancestral homeland of the Abenaki, Pennacook, and Wabanaki Peoples, past and present. We thank and acknowledge the land, waterways, and alnobak people who have stewarded N’dakinna throughout the generations.